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Busy lately

So long since I haven't posted anything, really I haven't posted since I got to Ireland for work. So a lot has been going on, adapting to a new country, jobs and so on. I also didn't really knew anyone here, so that part has been interesting. I started working for Hostelworld, and currently I'm working for Afilias.

As I start the post, I have been working on my stuff lately quite a lot. Both with my boxes at home and with the server that hosts this web. Basically, I have been moving to *BSD, preferably OpenBSD, which I happen to like a lot. We could go and talk about many reasons and the late developments that has finally made make the jump, but that's another story.

So talking about this blog, and the server that hosts it, this is a highlight of some of the technology changes involved:

  • OS change from Debian to OpenBSD

  • Web server change from Apache to nginx

  • WAF change from mod_security to naxsi

  • PHP backend change from modphp to php-fpm

  • Drupal, which I used for the blog for close to 10 years, back to a static generated site.

  • Postfix to OpenSMTPd

  • Shorewall to pf

  • Bind to NSD

  • Control panel, ispconfig to no panel at all :)

  • And many more, believe me...

And I can tell that this server holds many sites, not just this, but those sites kept more or less the same.

I can say that the last months I have been enjoying sysadmining, and that's great, it has been a long time, also I have moved back to Emacs (after 12 years!), as for my job, I needed more that what could Vim provide, which I still use too of course.

More changes, I'm going to blog mainly in English, if I have time, I will translate it to Spanish, also same for the rest, tweets and so on. About peak oil and limits to growth, I'm taking a rest, I do it from time to time, but of course I will also blog about that too.